Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Pretty Pastels

I don't know about you guys but I'm over the moon that pastel tones aren't disappearing just yet! I'm very much a girlie girl, and as much as I like an edgy look from time to time, my heart will always lie with soft shades! 
You will have to excuse the quick snapshots I did late last night...
I love this sleeveless turtleneck.  Normally I would avoid such a high neck line having a bigger bust because all it does is make you look even bigger. However the fact that its sleeveless and shows the shoulders and collar bone, draws the eye upwards and away from the bust.
The skirt is a beaut' right?  It is a lovely soft woven fabric, which means its a lot easier to walk around and sit down in. There is no 'traditional' slit up the back just one up the front which comes up just enough without showing to much thigh when you sit down. Sounds pretty perfect doesn't it? My only teeny tiny negative is, if you're like me and have quite a small waist but a good set of hips, you may find the waist a little on the big side. You could look at it as a positive though, because when you sit down in it at least it will still feel comfortable?!
Lastly the shoes. Oh the shoes!  I bought these before Christmas in the sale. I love the 'pewter' colour and you can never go wrong with a pointy court, can you?  I think the metallic effect shoes break the outfit up and give it that extra edge. I think I will definitely be adding a boyfriend coat for now though, its far too cold out!

Top: Asos, Skirt: Asos, Shoes: Miss Selfridge.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A working Mummy...

My little princess is now 10 months old which means tomorrow, I'm back to work, and I'm dreading it! All Mum's who have been through this stage, will understand exactly how heart-breaking this phase is...

After Maisie's far from 'natural' birth, and me not getting that immediate bond time with her, I felt as though every precious moment, being by her side was even more important for our relationship and even to this day, despite her being perfectly healthy and happy, I still feel like every moment is as precious as those very first ones.

Every morning I get up with her and make her breakfast; at the moment she won't have anything other than mushy rusks of a morning, and yes we make an insane amount of mess in the process! I get her dressed and we play together. I do her physio with her too encourage her to reach all the milestones she should do (which she does, with no problems at all,  I am extremely proud to say!) I put her down for naps, and get her back up. I give her baths and splash about with her in the bubbles. I give her cuddles when she gets grumpy and tired. I sit with her and babble her language; it makes me smile every time, it's too cute. Last of all bed time; I sit and give her the last cuddle of the day, and it's always the tightest, snuggliest cuddle becuase I know it's the last one untill the following morning, and when she grabs hold of me and rests her sleepy head on my shoulder. I hold her even tighter. I give her so many kisses before I put her down and say goodnight. It takes so much strength to leave her to sleep. 

She is at the point at the moment where she wants to get around. If she could she would get up and run off, luckily for me she can't. She loves to stand up holding your fingers or furniture and with a little encouragement she will take a few steps holding onto you too. She isn't 
Really interested in crawling to be honest. she can hold herself in a crawling position but it doesn't last long before she lies back down onto her tummy. it won't be long though until she is up and about,and I'm going to need eyes in the back of my head! She is such
a clever, inquisitive and cheeky little girl. She is extremely strong minded; if she wants to do it she will. So with her being at such a curious stage in her life, I feel like im going to miss out on so much! 

The last ten months of my life this has been my routine. Maisie's routine. It's strange really, having a baby completely changed my life as it does for any parent. Its difficult, exhausting, at times stressful but its also the most incredible feeling in the world and I wouldn't change it for anything. I actually think that returning to work is going to be the hardest change yet. I know I will cry for at least the first couple of days leaving her at home. I don't want to miss out on her first steps or the first time she pulls herself up on the furniture. Now I know I will only be gone for four hours a day as my boyfriend frequently reminds me, and I have the comfort of knowing she is with her daddy. I'm sure that after a while, once I've settled back into work, it will be a good thing for both me and maisie. It will give me that bit of adult conversation and make me appreciate my time with her even more. 

Do you have any advice that can help make this transition easier for me and Maisie?  I'd love to hear it, so feel free to leave a comment. 

Brit Stitch Beauties!

Oh my! The excitement when this arrived yesterday!

 I think the pictures say it all. How amazing are these?! If you haven't heard of Brit Stitch, you have to check it out here. I first learnt of these lush bags through a beautiful friend and amazing blogger FromGemWithLove, who owns a gorgeous one herself in skydiver blue. (check her out, you won't regret it!) They are such brilliant quality, made out of 100% leather and the stitching is flawless.

I've started a nice little collection ready for SS'14, I have my cute half pint bag in Grayed Jade, my milkman bag in Chintz Rose and my dinky milk token (card holder) in Grayed Jade and African Violet, which I've had personalised by having my name embossed on the front. You love them right?

There are some amazing colours and styles and the prices, I think, are very reasonable for the quality they are. You just know by looking at them, that they will last for along time, if you give them the love they deserve! So go on take a sneak peak... I won't tell, if you wont?


Friday, 3 January 2014

Goodbye 2013

So I've been absent in the last couple of weeks, I'm sorry, no excuses I know, but there really aren't enough hours in the day! I'll add it to my list of resolutions for this year!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the end of 2013, probably more so than any other part of the year. This has definitely been a year I will never ever forget. It has honestly been full of heartache and smiles, but despite the heartache, I wouldn't change it because it is true what they say. 'What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger' and even though I took a couple of huge blows, I feel as though I have come out on top and more determined than ever before!

Having my daughter Maisie in March this year, is by far the biggest highlight of my life let a lone year, but it was also the most traumatic. With her being born my Emergency C-Section 5 weeks ahead of schedule and being starved of oxygen due to a foetal hemorrhage. My whole world fell to pieces. We were told worst case scenario; that she may not pull through, that she may have severe brain damage, she may never walk... the list of heart breaking news seemed endless. All we could do was sit and wait for four days whilst she was cooled and re-warmed to core temperature after 72 hours. In hope that it would prevent any further damage to her brain. The criteria for this treatment is for babies of 36 weeks gestation. Maisie was just shy of this, being born at 35+3 weeks but the consultants decided to try it anyway in hope it would make a difference.We continued to get bad news about her brain; it was showing signs of severe abnormal activity.

After the first four agonising days of her life, she finally opened her big blues. We finally got to hold her. We weren't out the woods, but it was starting to look brighter through the trees! We still had to take her for an MRI scan and an EEG scan to see what was happening with her brain as she also had two major seizures when she was first born along with two blood transfusions to replace the blood she had lost.sitting in with Maisie whilst she was having her MRI scan was heart breaking, my tiny little girl who was only 4lb 8oz being put in that huge machine that was louder than being stood next
to road works without ear defenders. I wanted it to be over quickly for her. this was shortly followed by the EEG test which I can only describe as LOTS of tiny wires being stuck all over her head, what I found so comforting is that considering I missed out on so much bonding time for the first four days of her life she would instantly settle in my arms every time.

Awaiting the results of the MRI and EEG were excruciating. Of course we would love her no matter what but we had to keep positive for her also, have a little faith. When we did get the results a few days later we were told that the results of the EEG showed that her brain activity was now mildly abnormal, so even though it wasn't fully as should be it had showed improvement. The results of her MRI however, told us that three parts of her brain were damaged. The first part effected her sight. Would my little girl never see my face? Her Daddy's face? Her own beautiful face? The second part of her brain that was effected was her speech. Would she be able to speak at all? Would she need speech therapy? Would she ever say 'Mummy' and 'Daddy'? the third part that was damaged was her movement! Would my baby smile? pick up a toy? walk? dance? learn to drive? So many things
flooded through my head, and as quick as they came, they went and I was left numb! A few moments later I thought to myself, 'It doesn't matter. She is still here, she is a little fighter and I love her and will do anything to give her a happy life!'

From that moment on, I did just that. I did everything I possibly could to do everything every other mum would do had they have just had a baby and continued to do so ever since. Maisie is now 9 months old and is just like any other baby, she sits on her own and plays with her toys, she eats finger foods on her own, she is smiley and giggly and a very content little girl. she isn't too interested in crawling but she loves to stand supporting herself, and I don't think it will be long before she takes her first steps! I was the luckiest Mummy in the world in 2013, and I'm the most grateful mummy too! Maisie defied all the odds we were given and I couldn't be prouder of her! So here are some of my memories of 2013, one that will always be remembered but I'm now ready to make 2014 one that
will be even more memorable!

Happy New Year All xo

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Wanting my hair to grow F.A.S.T

I know I haven't posted anything for ages I've been trying to have some quality time with my family which is a rarity! But I'm back...
So I have an addiction... to dying my hair! I've been doing it since I was about 12. Terrible, I know!  Blonde, black, red, brown, pink, purple.  You name it, I've done it. Unfortunately, , it's taken its toll on what was thick long locks! My hair grows so slowly now, and although my hair isn't short I would like it to grow a few more inches, and some if we include my shorter layers! It's said that when you get pregnant your hair grows like crazy. Not mine, too much damage!  So Feeling totally fed up with my hair I thought I would try a new shampoo and conditioner that is supposed to help increase the growth rate. 
Now I currently have blonde hair and have had for the last 8 weeks.  My regrowth is only about 3/4 inch long.  Pathetic hey! I have a family wedding to attend mid-April and I'm praying for hair to be just a bit longer and healthier for the occasion.
Now I'm quite sceptical about these 'miracle' shampoos but I'm desperate!!! So it's called F.A.S.T and its a scalp treatment.  You get 300ml of shampoo and 300ml of conditioner and it is £25 at Boots. They say to use it everyday which I have been since 13th December.  I'm going to do a trial with it over 30 days and see if I start to see a difference.  When I review the product in 26 days time I will include a before and after photo.
Does anyone have any tips on encouraging hair growth or even have a review on this F.A.S.T shampoo and conditioner?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Being a Mummy is... (Part One)

...A blessing, amazing, hard work, exhausting, precious, forever, constant, trying, special, priceless, overwhelming, entertaining, memorable, rewarding, challenging, fun, messy, worrisome, beautiful, hilarious, educational, a journey.
There are so many ways to describe being a Mummy, pr even a Daddy for that matter. All the books, midwives, parents and Internet access in the world cannot prepare you for parenthood.It is such an individual journey, going way back to the day you learn of your little bundle, or in some cases even earlier.
I remember the day I learnt I was pregnant, it came as such a shock but my boyfriend and I were over the moon. I was only 2-3 weeks when I learnt of the exciting news, so for the next three weeks or so I walked around with my head in the clouds, it was such a surreal feeling, I had a little person growing inside of me. Excited didn't cover it! I made my doctors appointment, which I thought would make everything feel  more realistic but to be quite honest, it didn't. The doctor didn't even confirm I was pregnant, as home pregnancy tests are that accurate nowadays. ( I did seven... yes, SEVEN!) All the Doc told me was to start taking folic acid, what I should and shouldn't eat and to make an appointment with the midwife on my way out! I was quite shocked that that was it,although I don't know what I was expecting.
By the time I reached 6 weeks, morning sickness hit me like a sledge hammer. The name is so deceiving, for me it was all day, every day sickness. My bed and the bathroom became my new best friends. All I did was sleep and eat dry frosties (that was about all I could keep down). I was extremely unlucky though, not everyone suffers from it, and if you didn't, I envy you! For me it lasted for about 11 weeks! Even though i was going through this unfortunate, yet natural part of pregnancy, it STILL didn't feel real that i was going to have a baby. It wasn't until my '12 week' scan which i didn't have until i was 14 weeks, that it started to sink in. Seeing our baby for the first time, it was a feeling like no other, seeing that tiny pulsating heart. The little limbs and side profile of their face. Wow! I couldn't stop looking at the photo. Absolutely incredible! Its such a reassurance to hear that everything is as it should be, although i had been surprisingly calm from the get go. I had no reason not to be.

To be honest morning sickness aside, I had a healthy pregnancy. I was slightly anaemic in my third trimester but again that is very common. I loved going to all my scans, we paid to find out the sex of our baby at 16 weeks. We were having a girl! All things pink! My boyfriend had said from day one that we would have a girl, he was spot on. We were delighted, what was even better is we had already decided on a girls name. We then paid for  a 3D scan at about 30 weeks. the little tinker kept on covering her face with her hands and feet, but that was okay because we got to go back the following week at no extra cost. Even then she only decided to show her side profile. She was beautiful! She was ours! We couldn't help but shed a few tears!

When I got to 31/32 weeks I wanted her here, I was dying to meet her. Not to mention I was suffering with squashed ribs and an extremely painful pelvis. Sleeping I found difficult from the minute my bump started to appear as I have always slept on my front. All the pillows in the house were not going to make me any more comfortable. The one thing I did find that helped me to sleep, which I still do now, is put cotton wool in my ears, it really helps me to shut off from my thoughts oddly?

***awful photo*** Me at 32 weeks whilst at work at Topshop

My princess was always extremely active in my tummy, especially around lunchtime and in the evening. When I was 30+ weeks she seemed to find a position she was happy in and would dig her heel in my right side below my ribcage all the time, my word I would yelp sometimes whilst at work it would come as such a shock! little lanky long legs my baby! Awh! The first time she had hiccups in my tum, that was an interesting feeling, I couldn't decide what it was for a little while, it felt like my own pulse but in my lower tummy. She had these A LOT!

There are so many significant and memorable moments during pregnancy. It would be the longest post ever if i spoke about it all; the first fluttery movement I felt, the first baby grow I bought, deciding what sort of birth I wanted and what I didn't want. Finding clothes to wear that went over my bump that I still felt like myself in. How she always kicked and wriggled during every bath I had or every time I watched One Born Every Minute.. The first time my bump sat to one side or had a pointy lump sticking out. There are so many!

The further into my pregnancy I got the more I was willing my princess to arrive, not to soon but around the 38 week mark would of been great. Lets face it the excitement and anticipation of meeting your baby is enough to make anyone want to wish a few weeks away. Right?
By 35+3 weeks gestation, my baby girl, Maisie Summer was delivered via emergency C-Section. It was unfortunately not the arrival we had hoped or prepared for. She was extremely poorly and for the next month, life was going to be harder than we ever thought possible, but that is a story I hope to share later on with you all...
So this was my pregnancy in a nutshell. what were your favourite or least favourite parts of your pregnancy?
I'd be interested to hear your story.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Let the Festive Season Commence...

So I'm a day late posting this, my apologies, but I had a busy one yesterday. It was the perfect start to December... something that has become tradition for me over the years. This year however, is going to be even better, for one very special reason...

You see, every year I go round to my Mum's house and together we put the Christmas tree up and decorate the rest of the house with lights, snowmen, Christmas bunting, you name it, its there. The house feels even cosier than normal. All I want to do is curl up by the fire and watch Santa Claus the movie. I love it, what better way to start the festivities than with the people you love most? Start as you mean to go on right? There we all are; my boyfriend relaxing on the sofa playing
 Mr Scrooge (or so he likes to act, he loves it all really though). Me and Mum are stood in the front bay window, decorating the tree very strategically. (We take it very seriously you know) :) and the extra special someone was sat on the floor with a ball in hand. My 8 month old princess, completely mesmerised by 'Happy Feet' on the telly. She didn't even blink!

What was even better is that once me and my Mum had finished decorating the tree and turned the pink lights on.... yes, pink lights! Her little, excited face was such a picture, completely melted my heart! It probably wasn't the best idea to take her too close to the tree like we did though, as she decided to pull the bells off and not give them back, the little tinker!

I have so much to look forward to this Christmas, so many firsts with my baby girl! Christmas dinner, opening presents, Christmas films. I can't wait to catch it all on camera! I have even more to be grateful for; a wonderful boyfriend, supportive family, great friends and my miracle baby! I feel so lucky to have all these lovely people to surround me.

So now I've shared my first tradition of December, what's yours? What makes this time of year so special for you?

please comment and follow me.